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Destination Management of Religious Tourism in Cirebon
Tanti Kustiari, M. Taufik H

Politeknik Negeri Jember


Since a long time ago, most of mosque role has been merely for worship, mosques in Cirebon are included. Now, as time flies, the function of mosque in the area has transformed to be religious tourist resorts. The program has an impact on improving the socio-economic environment of the community. The quality of religious tourist resort management is determined by the quality of mosque management resources as tourist destinations in Cirebon. The study was conducted in Cirebon religious tourist destination in 2016. The research respondents were twenty mosque managers from seven tourist mosques. The research aims to identify and analyze (1) the characteristics of religious tourist destination in Cirebon. (2) the characteristics of human resource competence in managing the attractiveness of religious tourist destinations of Cirebon. (3) the implications of management resource gap in managing Cirebon religious tourist destinations. Cirebon is expected to be widely known as religious tourist icon that has a complete appeal of cultural traditions, socio-economic religious, historical activities. The research deployed a descriptive approach and supported by relevant literature review. The results showed (1) religious tourist destinations in Cirebon has uniqueness with a large number of customers. However, existing tourism activities have not been expanded, (2) competent religious tourist management resources can be improved through active learning, achievement driven, and ability to cooperate, (3) strengthening the role of education and training.

Topic: Training and Community Development


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