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Measurement Model of Student Well-Being

Department of Guidance and Counseling, Tadulako University


The purpose of this study was to identify the model of student well-being measurement, school climate and parenting styles. Student well being is measured by the dimensions of positive affect interpersonal and intrapersonal positive affect. School climate is measured by students perceptions of the physical environment, teachers, and fellow students. Parenting styles are measured by warmth and acceptance, parental control, and autonomy psychological granting. The number of respondents is 118 students of class VIII Junior High School in Malang, consisting of 4 schools. The analysis used is the analysis of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) version 20. The results show that the null hypothesis in the three models of student well-being measurement, school climate, and parenting styles are accepted, meaning that there is a suitability between the proposed model and the empirical evidence in the field.

Topic: Educational Psychology


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