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Dwi Kartikasari

Politeknik Negeri Batam


Batam State Polytechnic opened industry-education partnerships classes in 2015. Because they were relatively new, the management of Batam State Polytechnic did not have the right marketing strategy to attract prospective students for this class, consequently, the number of recruited students did not meet the quota provided and the number of applicants was still far below the number of applicants on other campuses. The management of Batam State Polytechnic was forced to open more than two batches of recruitment although this action caused a delay to academic activities. The author believed Batam State Polytechnic failed in formulating its marketing strategy so that the attractiveness of partnership class did not reach the right market segment. Data collection was done through survey and documentation study on registration file of all students of cooperation class at Batam State Polytechnic using census sampling. This data were analyzed quantitatively using cluster analysis using K-means cluster with SPSS program. The cluster result was used to know the segmentation of the largest market. This study found that the largest segment has the following characteristics: 1) Have a home address in Batam, 2) Come from public senior high school, 3) Study non aviation majors in high school, 4) Come from high school in Batam, and 5) Age when entering college 18-19 years. Thus, marketing strategy should focus on this group via promotion to some significant schools in Batam. Promotion via newspaper is less effective than official website and word of mouth. Promotion should begin as soon as possible as this action will attract more prospective students.

Topic: Educational Management and Leadership


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