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Emotion Focussed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: An Attempt to Resolve Emotional Deficiency and Strengthen Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Efficacy
Arbin Janu Setiyowati

Universitas Negeri Malang


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is counseling approach which its efficacy is widely recognized. CBT is the only approach that is highly scalable and systematically, emphasizing the symptom of problematic behavior, hence behavior changes after therapy can be observed and measured. However, behind its efficacy, CBT is not yet able to accommodate all the needs of the counselee. Counselee needs less attention is the emotional aspects of the counselee. This is due to CBT concerns is on the behavioral symptoms rather than on how to comprehend counselees problem. It limits CBT ability to facilitate counselee holistically. To overcome the aforementioned conditions, emotion focused cognitive behavioral therapy (ECBT) offers the effort to help the counselee by combining CBT and emotional engagement in the process of assisting the counselee. ECBT use all empirically-based component of traditional CBT and include components to overcome the additional deficit of the emotion on the problems faced by each counselee. ECBT is considered effective because, in the process of counseling, counselee is invited to recognize and manage emotions within him or herself related to problems occurring. Comprehensive ECBT system is considered able to reinforce the efficacy of CBT in helping counselees problems.

Topic: Educational Psychology


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