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Parenting Efficacy Married Moms Working with Early Childhood
Ellyn Sugeng Desyanty, Sri Wahyuni

Universitas Negeri Malang


: The mother working as a parent remains the first figure for early childhood because most of the time the child is with her parents. Homes and parts of homes especially parents become an important part of early childhood life. This research will use phenomenological research methods because it intends to explore the experience felt by working married mothers and interpret every experience of parenting efficacy that emerged during being in the field. The purpose of this study was to describe the parenting efficacy in married mothers working with early childhood. The dimensions of parenting efficacy that appear in the informal self are: a) the nurture dimension, b) the health dimension, c) the discipline dimension, d) the playing dimension, and e) the teaching dimension. The emergence of the various dimensions of parenting efficacy is influenced by the following factors: a) past experiences, b) culture and community, c) experience with children, d) parental knowledge, and e) social and marital support. The significance of this research is that the informant understands that being a wife has the duty of not only caring for her family members but also helping her partner in finding additional income to support her familys economy. Her role as a mother is to give birth, nurture, and pay attention to her childs growth in various aspects of its development. The dual role that can be done by the informant with the understanding that he is a wife and mother simultaneously.

Topic: Non-Formal and Informal Education


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